Welcome to Del Oro Softball’s Field of Dreams


Del Oro Softball Field Capital Campaign

We are building a new and improved softball field for the high school and community use.  The new Del Oro softball field is needed because the current field is being displaced by the new Del Oro Aquatic Center (see www.deloroaquaticcenter.com). Furthermore, there are problems with the current field.  It is oriented in the wrong direction, towards the south west, directly into the afternoon sun. Since the field is currently next to the tennis courts, there is a dangerous situation of foul balls falling into the tennis courts and injuring the tennis players. Year-round use of the field is limited since the outfield encroaches on the main soccer field.

The new Del Oro softball field will be oriented in the correct direction, towards the north east, located next to the baseball fields. The new additional practice infield will allow JV and Varsity teams to practice together on campus for the first time since the program was started in 1970. A lighted field and permanent outfield fence will allow for expanded year-round competition use. Aside from use by the Del Oro Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, the facility will be useful for recreational teams, and local competitive teams.

While the cost of a basic new field is being covered as part of the aquatic center expansion, this is our opportunity to build our Field of Dreams. We need approximately $150,000 through individual and business donations to cover expenses for lights, the second practice infield, permanent outfield fencing, improved dugouts and more. The project is expected to break ground in 2015.

We invite you to become part of the Del Oro Softball Field legacy with your gift or pledge in any amount. Please consider a gift that honors, memorializes or pays tribute to a special individual, family or business. All prominent naming attribution subject to approval by the Placer Union High School District Board in accordance with Board policy.